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Washington, DC Residents Ask: Will I Need to Buy New Clothes After a Tummy Tuck and Liposuction?

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Body sculpting techniques like tummy tucks and liposuction can be great for patients who would like to improve their figure by eliminating excess fat and sagging skin in the stomach. After these procedures, patients often enjoy a boost in self-confidence that motivates them to live healthier, more active lifestyles. However, most people only consider the immediate benefits of these treatments, such as an enhanced physique. It may be important to consider other effects of treatment, too, including how your clothes will fit following your procedure.

Will I Need to Buy New Clothes?

Both liposuction and tummy tuck treatments eliminate excess fat in the stomach to create a slimmer appearance, but the amount of fat removed will depend entirely on the patient. Many patients choose to have small, stubborn amounts of fat removed that have been resistant to diet and exercise. These patients experience very little change in the overall shape of the body and are often able to continue wearing the same clothes as they did before treatment.

If patients are looking for more dramatic changes in their figure, they may choose to have larger amounts of fat removed during these treatments. In some cases, these patients may find that their shirts are significantly baggier in the stomach area. In the end, it really depends on a patient’s preference. Some patients enjoy the feeling of having more space in their clothing, while others may choose to buy smaller clothes to accentuate their improved figure.

Benefits of Buying New Clothes

Although it is an extra expense to account for in addition to your surgery, buying new clothes after your liposuction or tummy tuck procedure can help motivate you to maintain your results. Healthy diet and exercise habits are essential to maintaining your new figure and preventing weight gain. Buying new clothes to exercise in can help you be excited about being active and staying on top of your personal health. Similarly, buying nice, well-fitted clothing can help you show off your figure and give you the extra confidence you need to see your fitness goals through.

Looking for More Information About These Procedures?

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