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Great experience with Dr. Yousefi. Dr. Yousefi is very passionate about his work and the results and he has wonderful interpersonal skills.


Very informative. Doctor Yousefi has ample experience and the knowledge in the plastic surgery field, which makes the patient very comfortable about having the procedure done with him. Staff very cordial!


Anytime you have the thought of dealing with surgery you have some fears and reservations but the office from the moment I signed in to the moment I met Dr. Yousefi my experience was awesome! I am scheduled for my procedure and looking forward to the results!


Really liked the office and staff and hope to get the procedure done soon!


Haven’t been here in about ten years but I knew where to come for my procedure as Dr. Yousefi did my laser vein treatment which are still great 10 years later! Thank you!


Both Ana and Dr. Yousefi were warm and friendly to me. Dr. Yousefi took his time explaining the process and procedure to me, and did not rush my appointment. He answered all of my questions and drew a picture of what he was describing so I could have a better understanding of my procedure of interest.


Kelly was great relating to my concerns and requests with her experience and professional approach to solving my problems and addressing my priorities first. Dr. Yousefi was approachable and his recommendations were outstanding! Thanks to everyone at the office!


My first experience at Younger Image was amazing, service was unbelievable.


Dr. Yousefi was kind and knowledgeable, and Kelly was great! I trust the work Dr. Yousefi has done because I have seen it myself and I strongly recommend him.


The doctor and staff were extremely friendly and made me feel very comfortable. I had only researched one procedure and when the doctor recommended an additional procedure for a better result, I was not only interested but impressed. I didn’t know what questions to ask about the procedure at the time, but I was told I could come back for another consultation prior to my scheduled date. This put my mind at ease because I would feel more comfortable discussing it beforehand. I have already referred my husband to the practice!