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Younger Image Plastic Surgery Center

Younger Image Plastic Surgery Center

Sciton Laser

Sciton Laser Washington DC

Sciton Laser in Washington DC

The revolutionary Sciton laser system offers a variety of lasers to address multiple issues, offering unmatched aesthetic capabilities that can’t be found in any other laser.

Cutting-edge technology meets innovative treatment, with Sciton providing a laser for virtually every skin issue you may face.

Why Choose Sciton Laser?

Sciton laser is capable of doing everything from laser skin resurfacing to laser hair removal, allowing you to achieve smooth, healthy skin safely and effectively.

Skin tightening, smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines, minimizing the appearance of scars or enlarged pores – trust Sciton to get the job done.

What Does Sciton Laser Feel Like?

Laser treatments are actually quite tolerable. Sciton has built-in safety measures that accurately measure the amount of heat necessary for treatment, allowing you a safe, pain-free procedure. Discuss with your specialist beforehand if pain is a concern for you.

When Will I See Sciton Laser Results?

It depends on the treatment you’ve received and what you’re using it for. Typically, you see results once your skin has healed, with additional improvements continuing over the next few months as Sciton’s laser treatments boost collagen production.

More often than not, patients see improvements rather quickly, allowing you to enjoy supple, healthy skin before you know it.

Am I a Good Candidate for Sciton Laser?

Virtually everyone can benefit from one of Sciton’s lasers, but keep in mind that injured or tattooed areas are not ideal for treatment. A consultation with your provider will best determine if and how you’ll benefit from Sciton’s lasers.

Where Is the Best Place to Get Sciton Laser in Washington?

At Younger Image Plastic Surgery Center, we offer top-quality medical spa laser treatments for healthy, happy skin.

Call us at 703-775-2614 to see how we can help you today. We even offer virtual consultations for your convenience and safety!