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Younger Image Plastic Surgery Center

Breast Augmentation in Washington, DC

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Dr. Yousefi offers breast augmentation surgery for patients in Washington, DC, Vienna, Arlington, and surrounding areas of Northern Virginia.

Breast augmentation, also known as breast enlargement, is an effective means of gaining more desirable breast size and shape, typically using breast implants to achieve a natural look and feel. Breast augmentation patients at Younger Image Surgery Center enjoy the emotional, social, and personal benefits of an improved physical appearance.

How Is a Breast Augmentation Performed?

Breast augmentation, or breast implant surgery, takes less than two hours and is usually done as an outpatient procedure in our own AAAASF-certified surgical center. For those who would prefer to stay overnight and recover in a hospital, Dr. Yousefi can perform this surgery in a hospital in Maryland, Washington, DC, or Virginia. Breast augmentation can be performed with IV sedation and local anesthesia; however, most patients ask to be asleep completely so that they don’t feel any discomfort.

The most common practice is to place breast implants beneath the breast tissue and below the pectoral muscle layer (sub-muscular or sometimes called sub-pectoral). The other option is to place breast implants beneath only the breast glandular tissue layer (sub-glandular). Dr. Yousefi will discuss each of these options in further detail during your breast augmentation consultation. Four different approaches are primarily used to create a space for the placement of the implants:

  • An incision around the pigmented portion of the nipple (the areola) called a peri-areolar incision.
  • An incision inside the belly button called umbilical incision.
  • An incision transversely (across) in the area of the anticipated lower breast fold called an inframammary incision.
  • An incision in the axilla (armpit) called a trans-axillary incision.

To learn more about your options for breast augmentation, or breast implant surgery, call today to schedule your consultation.

What Can I Expect After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Heavy lifting, pushing, and pulling should not be done for about 2-3 weeks after surgery or until approved by Dr. Yousefi. Discomfort from breast implant surgery can be treated effectively with oral medications and muscle relaxants. For those with a lower pain tolerance, Dr. Yousefi offers a pain pump (On-Q® PainBuster®) through which a numbing solution, not a narcotic, is delivered to the incision automatically.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost in Washington, DC?

The cost for a breast augmentation depends on the size of the breasts and the type of incision made. Dr. Yousefi can discuss all of your pricing and financing options at your initial consultation. Insurance will generally not cover the cost of breast augmentation or breast implants.

Younger Image Plastic Surgery Center currently works with CareCredit® and Blispay® to provide our patients with convenient financing options. Within a few hours of applying, you can be pre-approved for your cosmetic procedures.

If you are ready to feel better about yourself with plastic surgery, check out our breast augmentation before and after photos to see the incredible results you could achieve.

Additional Breast Surgery Procedures

Younger Image Plastic Surgery Center offers breast augmentation and breast implant procedures to patients in Washington, DC, Vienna, Arlington, and surrounding areas of Virginia. Dr. Jamal Yousefi and his staff combine personalized care with the latest technology to provide each patient with extraordinary results. For more information or to schedule a patient consultation, contact us.