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Younger Image Plastic Surgery Center

Younger Image Plastic Surgery Center

Body Surgery in Washington, DC

If you are looking to eliminate excess fat, sagging skin, or both, look no further than body surgery treatments at Younger Image Plastic Surgery Center. We specialize in an array of body surgery techniques, helping patients in Washington, DC, Arlington, and surrounding areas of Maryland and Virginia from our offices in Vienna, Woodbridge, and Rockville.

What is Body Surgery?

Body surgery is a sub-specialty of plastic surgery that involves techniques used to eliminate fat and excess skin, creating a slimmer, sculpted appearance. Liposuction is one of the most popular body surgery treatments, as it is versatile enough to treat nearly any area of the body. Body surgery techniques are ideal for correcting changes in the body that occur due to aging, pregnancy, and weight loss. They may also be good for patients who find that they have stubborn pockets of fat that are especially resistant to diet and exercise. Body surgery combined with healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits can produce long-lasting results, helping patients look and feel their best on a daily basis.

What Body Surgery Procedures Are Available?

The body surgery procedures available at Younger Image Plastic Surgery Center include the following:

  • Brachioplasty
    • Average cost: $6,500+
    • A brachioplasty, or arm lift, eliminates excess skin and fat on the upper arms for a leaner appearance.
  • Buttocks augmentation
    • A buttocks augmentation, sometimes called a butt lift, can lift and enhance the shape of the butt for a fuller, rounded look. This often gives patients a more youthful and shapely appearance.
  • Buttocks fat transfer
    • Average cost: $9,000+
    • A fat transfer uses unwanted fat from other areas of the body to augment the buttocks. This creates a natural look and feel while avoiding the use of implants and other foreign substances
  • Labiaplasty
    • Average cost: $3,800+
    • A labiaplasty can adjust the shape or size of the labia for improved comfort and appearance.
  • Liposuction
    • Average cost: $1,500 per area
    • Liposuction is an effective treatment for eliminating excess stubborn fat, helping patients achieve a sculpted appearance. This technique is often used as part of our other body surgery procedures.
  • Tummy tuck
    • Average cost: $12,500+
    • A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, eliminates excess fat and skin to create a flatter stomach and a slimmer appearance.
  • Thigh lift
    • A thigh lift eliminates excess skin and fat on the legs for a more contoured appearance. It can be performed on the inner thighs, outer thigh, and hips, or both areas.

The exact cost of your body surgery procedure will vary depending on the extent of treatment necessary to deliver your desired results. During your consultation, we will evaluate your cosmetic goals to develop a personalized treatment plan. At this time, we will be able to provide the full cost of your treatment. To schedule any treatment, we ask for a $1,000 deposit that is nonrefundable. Two weeks before surgery, the patient will have a pre-op appointment where his or her full balance is due to be paid in full.

We offer flexible financing options, including Alphaeon® and CareCredit® to ensure that each patient has access to the treatment that they need. Alphaeon® and CareCredit® pay us in full and the patient pays the financing company a monthly fee. We also accept cash, checks, and major credit cards for your convenience.

Younger Image Plastic Surgery Center is proud to offer body surgery procedures to men and women living in Washington, DC, Arlington, and nearby communities of Maryland and Vienna, from our offices located in Vienna, Woodbridge, and Rockville. If you are considering one of our body surgery treatments, contact us today to schedule a consultation.